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Woman & Veteran Owned


Field Trips

We are so dedicated to your nutrition we will come to your home and help you remove unhealthy food from the cabinets and fridge. We also offer grocery field trips to help you learn how to read nutrition labels and make the best fuel decisions. 


We Don't Do Diets

The problem with diets is they provide no real nutritional guidance on how to eat for longevity and they are not sustainable longterm. We want to give you proven solutions that you can build upon for a lifetime of fitness. 


Eat To Fuel

Enroute's nutrition model is to eat in order to fuel and prepare your body for optimal performance. We will work with you on portion control while managing your nutrient intake. 

Certified Nutrition Coach

Enroute Personal Training's own Cheryl Collyer is a certified nutrition coach having received her certification from Precision Nutrition, a leading nutrition coaching program. We are confident in our ability to walk you to the doorsteps of health and wellness. Book us today for nutrion coaching and/or meal planning. 

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