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Woman & Veteran Owned

Self Defense

For Personal Protection

We will teach you the fundamentals of self-defense so that you are capable and confident in your ability to protect yourself in case of an emergency. 

Advanced Self Defense

Our advanced self-defense classes are for small groups and individuals looking to add to their skill level. In this class, you will learn specialized techniques and advanced skills to heighten your ability to protect yourself and your loved ones. 

Home Defense

Our high-quality home-defense training will leave you confident in your ability to protect your home and loved ones. Don't wait for trouble, get ahead of it and book a home defense session today!

Group & Personal Self Defense Courses Available! Call for Quote

Self Defense @ Enroute

Eric Collyer is a veteran with specialized military training, advanced self-defense training, law enforcement training, and years of experience training individuals such as yourself. With Eric, not only will you feel confident, but you will be competent in employing some of the most advanced self-defense methods available.  Book a private or group session today!

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