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Our Training Principles

Our youth training programs work on a gradual and progressive overload system designed for children and adolescents' developing muscles and joints.  When training kids, order and choice of exercise are critical, you have to start simple and progress each child based on their fitness level as strength and confidence increase. We will work to tailor your child's program based on the specificity of the sport and techniques required to improve flexibility, joint stability, tendon strength, balance, agility, explosiveness, dexterity, and confidence in that sport. Our training style promotes motor skill acquisition, enhances performance, and improves your child's feeling of well-being and dimensions of health to reduce sports-related injuries. We will mentor, coach, and enable your child to understand innovative training and recovery strategies that will be a lifelong lesson and a foundation of good health to carry on into adulthood. We pride ourselves in developing mature, confident, educated, disciplined, and respectful athletes that portray what a leader on the athletic stage should manifest. Your kids will love training with us! Because we are parents too, we will train your children with the same respect and care as we would train our own. Your child having fun and leaving a session with a proud sense of hard work accomplished under their belt is our focus.

How We Train!

All of our youth receive dedicated one on one training so we can focus on what they specifically need to take them to the next level. No two kids are built exactly the same, that's why we don't do one-sized fit-all training. Your child's safety, mobility, endurance, and strength are guaranteed to improve with us. So, let's get started! Call Us Today! 

Why Choose Enroute

Our primary concern when training young athletes is safety. We know how important it is to preserve the growing muscles of youth to prolong their careers while optimizing their performance. To date, we have been able to safely and effectively train youth who have become A1 athletes in their sport, and we have the referrals to back it up! 

Sports & Conditioning

Your Child Could Be Our Next Pro!

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