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Our strength and conditioning services are tailored to you and your fitness goals. No need to worry about fitting yourself into a one-sized fit all program. We'll assess where you are, you tell us where you want to be, and we will customize a program to make it a reality. 

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Our model is "No One Left Behind"! Our military and fitness careers help us to understand all of the pitfalls people face when conquering their ultimate fitness levels and we use that experience to be the bridge for our clients in times of uncertainty, lack of willpower, and self-doubt. When you are not strong enough, we will be strong for you. Join us Today!

All fitness levels, shapes, and sizes are welcome. 

Enroute Personal Training LLC is a company founded upon the values of fitness and self-love! We understand the challenges of getting and staying healthy while maintaining the daily demands of life. We also understand the mental feats of staying motivated to become the best version of you physically, so we have dedicated our lives to fitness and welcome you to draw from our experience. Join us today and change your life forever! Click to Learn More About Enroute!









We offer self-defense training for all ages. Our program focuses on building a custom solution for your to feel confident about your ability to protect yourself and/or your loved ones. Our hope is that you will never have to use it, but, that you will be prepared in case you do!



Are you an athlete or would like to train like one? Well, you've landed in the right place. We create diverse and impactful sports training and conditioning programs, implementing some of the most advanced techniques and methods to take your fitness to the ultimate level. 

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Youth Sports Conditioning



Excellent nutrition is the baseline for optimal fitness. If you want to gain the most from your fitness training or to just like to feel better, then you need to optimize the way you eat. Here at Enroute, we provide the knowledge and time-tested formula for eating to support your health and fitness. Learn More...


"In December of 2017, I weighed 308 pounds, 38.6% body fat, and a size 48 pant... and seriously unhealthy! I knew I was grossly overweight but honestly had no idea how to tackle this problem. I knew it was eating the wrong foods and lack exercise, but didn't know how to correctly change things around for the long haul. I tried "dieting" many times, but as usual, failed each time! I started talking to Eric and training with him. He taught me about nutrition, my personal goals, and how to exercise correctly. Between Eric's knowledge, patience and drive, my life has been completely changed! I am now 192 pounds, 14.7% body fat and in a size 34 pant! I can't express how grateful and privileged I am to have Eric as a trainer and mentor!"


"In 2016, I found myself at my heaviest weight ever.  I didn't feel like myself anymore and I knew I needed to make a lifestyle change to get healthy again.  I'm so glad I reached out to Cheri to begin my fitness journey.  Cheri has a way of making exercise fun and is very encouraging and supportive.  She makes sure that exercises are performed correctly and safely and her workouts are challenging but do-able.  Cheri is also very knowledgeable about nutrition and has come up with personalized meal plans for me in order for me to shed the weight, build muscle, and feel healthy and energetic.  Ultimately, I cannot recommend Cheri enough as a personal trainer and fitness coach.  With her help and guidance, I now have the tools and knowledge I need to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  I am looking forward to setting new fitness goals for myself and working with Cheri to achieve them!"


"I have been working out my entire adult life. I am a former lacrosse player and swimmer and am pretty dedicated to my personal fitness. Currently living in Boston… gyms are not what they used to be with COVID-19. Working with Eric has been great. It’s a perfect supplement to my running training program – I am newly a distance runner and prepping for a marathon. The remote training has been far more effective than I anticipated. It’s convenient and easy. He helps with everything from diet, stretching, mobility, and strength. Tell Eric your goal, and he’ll get you there."


“I have been training with Cheri for over three years. At 57, I am in the best shape of my life thanks to her workouts. The small group setting is motivating challenging and fun! They are the right size; big enough to be fun and small enough to offer quality. Cheri’s arsenal of workouts keep us on our toes, and we are able to adjust them to fit our own fitness levels without feeling pressure or competition. I have learned so much about myself, physical fitness, and nutrition. I have never had an injury. Cheri is very mindful of our fitness levels and our goals. I cannot imagine my workouts without her!"


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